Sacramento City Unified School District Announces Superintendent Transition

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The Sacramento City Unified School Board today announced that Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar will step down at the end of this month. The search for a new superintendent to lead the District will begin immediately.

Superintendent Aguilar’s last day of service in Sac City Unified (SCUSD) is June 30, 2023. SCUSD Deputy Superintendent Lisa Allen will serve as acting superintendent during the District’s leadership transition.

“The Sac City Unified Board and Superintendent Aguilar have mutually agreed to a leadership transition for our District,” said SCUSD Board President Chinua Rhodes. “As one of the longest-serving superintendents at Sac City Unified, we appreciate Superintendent Aguilar’s six years of service and his dedication to SCUSD students and families.

“The Sac City Unified School Board remains focused on improving student achievement and outcomes for students. We look forward to working with the Sacramento community as the District moves in a new direction.”

Outgoing Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar added, “I applaud the Sac City Board of Trustees for committing to make student-outcome focused governance a priority.  Additionally, I have appreciated the dedication of each of the 15 Sac City Board members with whom I have collaborated during my tenure as superintendent.

“Every day as Sac City’s superintendent, I was motivated to change the life trajectories of our students, especially our youth least well served who are from low-income families and have low achievement levels, low graduation rates, and low college and career readiness rates. While Sac City must continue to work to meet the needs of all students, I am proud of the strides that we made to improve academic outcomes and expand supports for the social and emotional growth, mental health, and basic needs of all students.”

“Sac City Unified has highly talented and dedicated staff across the entire district, including educational leaders in key district management roles who reflect the rich diversity of our students. I thank them for keeping students at the center of our decision-making and fostering a culture of balancing student and staff needs.

“I deeply appreciate the generous spirit of partnership and support that civic leaders and organizations have extended to me personally and to our students, schools and district. I am grateful to our community for the respectful interactions that I have experienced over the past six years, including as a parent of our four children who were students in Sac City Unified.

“I will remain the biggest supporter of Sac City and its continued efforts to actualize an equity, access, and social justice vision that supports success for all students.”