New ELD Teacher of the Year Recognition

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ELD Teacher of the Year

The Multilingual Department is proud to announce the ELD Teacher of the Year Recognition. This is the first year we are going to celebrate teachers who serve our Emergent Bilinguals formerly known as English learners. 

Teaching is challenging, and there is an added challenge to serve students who speak a language other than English. We also know that newcomers need extra attention as well. We in the Multilingual Department see first hand how teachers are navigating these challenges and want to honor the hard work that taking care of Emergent Bilinguals brings.

The process will be similar to that of the Teacher of the Year Program. Teachers will be nominated by administrators, colleagues, parents, or staff. There will not be a minimum number of years required for teaching. However, teachers that are nominated must have at least one Emergent Bilingual student in their class in which they provide Integrated and/or Designated ELD. Teachers that are nominated will be notified by email and receive a link to the application. Once the applications are reviewed, the committee will select six teachers for observations. At the end of the observations, two teachers will be selected as the ELD Teacher of the Year: one for elementary and one for secondary. 

Please help us in honoring our teachers that serve our Emergent Bilingual Students. Deadline to submit nominations is April 5, 2024. 

ELD Teacher of the Year Nomination Form