Message from SCUSD Office of Safe Schools

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We are reaching out to you regarding a serious concern. In many neighborhoods surrounding our schools, students congregate in nearby apartment complexes, private businesses and parks. The prevalence of violence, fights, drug use, and other incidents involves not only students, but also non-students and sometimes adults.

Our District has dispatched security personnel, and school site administrators to help address these issues. Despite our best efforts, the number of individuals involved has continued to grow and violence persists in these locations. 

We encourage you to discuss this matter with your student and emphasize the importance of not spending time in these areas either before or after school. If your child needs somewhere to go, please inquire with the school office regarding after-school programs that can provide academic, leadership, tutoring, and enrichment opportunities. In addition, schools offer diverse extracurricular and athletic activities. For additional details, including enrollment requests, please contact the school.

The safety of students is very important to us, and we are committed to preventing situations that jeopardize their well-being, but we cannot do this alone. Your trust and support is appreciated, and your collaboration to keep our students safe is necessary.