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Four of five labor unions have initiated negotiations to save our schools


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Sacramento City Unified’s costs exceed its revenues and the District must make $35 million in cuts to balance its budget and meet the state’s minimum reserve requirement. Click here to read the Sacramento County Office of Education’s August 2018 letter disapproving the district’s adopted budget and calling for more cuts. If the District does not make these cuts by June 2019, it risks insolvency and state takeover. The District is projected to run out of cash in November 2019.

Currently, four out of five District labor unions have initiated contract negotiations and formed a labor-management coalition (LMC) focused on working collaboratively with the District to identify cost savings to help balance the budget and protect funding for student needs. One of the largest cost savings opportunities identified would be switching employees to more affordable health plans offering comparable benefits. This would save money by addressing one of the largest cost drivers–the fact that Sac City Unified spends more per pupil to provide employee health benefits than any other school district in California

Leaders of the Sacramento City Teachers Association have yet to accept a date to meet with the District to initiate contract negotiations. Superintendent Aguilar has asked for the SCTA to agree to a neutral facilitator to help mediate discussions

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