November 19, 2015 Board Meeting

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3:30 p.m. Closed Session
6:30 p.m. Open Session

Agenda Items



8.1a - Approve Grants, Entitlements and Other Income Agreements, Ratification of Other Agreements, Approval of Bid Awards, Change Notices and Notices of Completion

8.1b - Approve Personnel Transactions

8.1c - Approve Business and Financial Report:  Warrants, Checks, and Electronic Transfers Issued for the Period of October 2015

8.1d - Approve Board of Education Annual Organizational Meeting Date – December 10, 2015

8.1e - Approve State of California Department of General Services Application for Donation of Computer Equipment for Sutter Middle School

8.1f - Approve Resolution No. 2860:  Resolution Regarding Board Stipends

8.1g - Approve Minutes of the October 15, 2015, Board of Education Meeting


9.1 - Approve Resolution No. 2861:  Renewal of the Charter for Capitol Collegiate Academy

9.2 - Approve Local Control and Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee Selection

9.3 - Monthly Facilities Update

9.4 - Adopting School Attendance Area for McKinley Village at Theodore Judah Elementary School

9.5 - Adopting School Attendance Area for Washington Elementary School

9.6 - Approve Resolution No. 2862:  Kindergarten through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016


Purchase Order Board Report for the Period of September 15, 2015 through October 14, 2015; Report on Contracts within the Expenditure Limitations Specified in Section PCC 20111 for September 1, 2015, through October 31, 2015; Enrollment and Attendance Report for Month 1 Ending September 25, 2015

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