Sacramento City Unified School District Elementary Schools Utilization Advisory (7-11)

Committee Members

Business community, such as store owners, managers, or supervisors:

  • Velma Sykes
  • Landowners or renters
  • Annette Deglow
  • Mary Lynn Kagan


  • Carlos Rico; Sacramento City Teachers Association representative, elementary teacher (Oak Ridge Elementary School)
  • Ursula Ruffalo; elementary teacher (John Bidwell Elementary School)


  • Mary Hardin Young; Academic Achievement Administrator (Elementary Segment)
  • Lee Yang; Elementary Principal (William Land Elementary School)


  • Kate Lenox
  • Linda S. Thompson
  • Kim Fong

Persons of Expertise:

  • Dave Taxara; SCUSD Project Manager

Non-Voting Support Members

Facilitator and Coordinator: 

  • Linda Whitney

Advisory Members:

  • Student Representative (to be confirmed)
  • Linda Chastain, SCUSD Transportation
  • Marianne Knoy, Sacramento Local Child Care and Development Planning Council/Sacramento County
  • Robert Overstreet, Director Parks and Recreation, City of Sacramento