High School

We are continuing our work to build a world-class high school here in Rosemont.  The school climate is safe, orderly, and structured. School pride among students and staff is at an all-time high!

Our teachers are working collaboratively in all content areas to plan quality instruction and align best practices.We are focusing on Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) to support the development of the whole child and ensure that our students are equipped with the emotional intelligence they need for success in college and career.

We also continue to provide all of our students with outstanding extra-curricular opportunities including drama, debate, robotics, music, and a wide range of clubs and sports teams. These kinds of activities round out the high school experience and play a key role in students’ social-emotional and academic development. We are particularly proud of our specialty programs that offer students a variety of choices for an academic focus. LEAD is an Advanced Placement/Honors program that prepares students for acceptance at the 4-year college or university of their choice. RHS Culinary is also a rigorous pathway focused on the culinary arts and environmental science. Construction may begin soon on a new commercial kitchen, instructional lab and event center! Our ECD pathway, formerly ESEA, now includes a construction and design component that provides students with a more expanded array of career choices.