Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the Year Nominations


California Teacher of the Year Program is now closed for nominations. 

The California Teacher of the Year Program actively encourages applicants that fully represent the diverse ethnic and cultural composition of our state’s teaching force, as well as of its varied geographical settings. Teachers are eligible to go on to county, state, and national competition. The program seeks teachers with exemplary personal growth, commitment, personal attitude, and professional skills.

The California Teacher of the Year Program celebrates and pays special tribute to the tireless efforts of our state’s outstanding teachers. In doing so, the program brings well-deserved recognition to the whole teaching profession.

The program’s goals are to:

  • identify and honor outstanding teachers throughout California within a structure of local, regional, and statewide recognition activities;
  • select, for special commendation and responsibility, five teachers who will effectively represent California teachers during the year, speaking for, energizing, and symbolizing the positive contributions of the teaching profession statewide;
  • focus attention on the positive accomplishments of students and teachers throughout California; 
  • emphasize maintaining and improving student achievement.

For more information, email TeacherOfTheYear@scusd.edu.