Sacramento New Tech
Grades 9-12

School Program

Program Information

Instruction at New Tech is different than at most high schools. We use Project Based Learning (PBL) almost exclusively and rely on our smaller environment to be more tuned to each other’s needs. Team Teaching allows teachers to integrate their respective curriculums to enhance the power of PBL. Students are given a project with an end-goal in mind, and are provided workshops, tutorials, and other scaffolding which they apply toward completion of their final product.

Students do not work in isolation at New Tech. Projects are completed in groups, graded by quality, presentations, and group process. Students collaborate to solve problems together and come up with better solutions than they could individually.

Application Requirements

Please fill out a Specialty Program Application (available 12/4/17- 1/26/18) to enroll into this program. 

Sacramento New Tech is a dependent charter school. The school manages its own enrollment process once the application has been submitted.