What You Need to Know to Register Your Child


Registration Materials

Download a registration packet to get a head start on the enrollment process. 

2017-2018 Registration Packets

2018-2019 Registration Packets

Early Kinder Registration Packet

Online Registration

Online Registration is also available for students new to our district. After completing the application online, guardians will just have to bring required documentation to the Enrollment Center to complete the enrollment process.

What to Bring to the Enrollment Center

Please be advised that for the safety and security of all children only biological parents/legal guardians/educational rights holder may enroll a child into our district.

The person enrolling any child will be required to present the following documentation:

  1. Photo identification
  2. Bring ONE of the following: CURRENT mortgage statement (within 30 days), CURRENT property tax bill, CURRENT rental/lease agreement, CURRENT utility bill (SMUD, PG&E, or WATER) with correct name and address (within 30 days), CURRENT check or pay stub (within 30 days), Government agency letter (within 30 days), CURRENT voter registration
  3. Immunization record (grades 7-12 T-Dap Booster is required)
  4. Proof of birth – original COUNTY ISSUED birth certificate or non- expired passport 
  5. Individual Education Plan (IEP) if your child is receiving special education services
  6. CURRENT withdrawal grades and transcripts (Grades 9-12) 
  7. Guardianship/Custody papers (if applicable)


Homeless Student Rights & Responsibilities

*If residing with another person (relative, etc.), please complete the Declaration of Residence form and bring a photo ID of the person identified in the utility bill and mortgage/rental lease.*

Find your Neighborhood School

Visit the SCUSD Neighborhood School Locator Application to determine your child’s school of attendance based on school boundaries.

If you are interested in applying for enrollment to a different school in our district, you can apply through our Open Enrollment process. Learn more at http://www.scusd.edu/open-enrollment