Sustainable Schools

SCUSD Sustainable Schools Initiative



Here at SCUSD we are taking the next step beyond ‘green’ and introducing our Sustainable Schools Initiative. The Sustainable Schools Initiative will not only address resource conservation and building construction but it will also dive deep into the culture of our District. The Sustainable Schools Initiative will focus on behavior and school systems by providing our staff with tailored materials and methods that create more hands-on learning and leadership opportunities for our students. Through this initiative students will have an improved understanding of the world around them and will be better equipped to succeed in a career or higher education institution after graduation. 

Schools can participate in the Sustainable Schools Initiative though guided or unguided participation.

Guided participation will follow along with the Project Green format with a annual theme, timeline of events and one-on-one mentoring. More information on Project Green 2018

Unguided participation is at the school’s leisure but they must assign a sustainability adviser and report annually on their accomplishments by updating their Sustainability Schools Profile. Unguided participants will still be able to attend professional development opportunities but may have limited access to provided curriculum. 


Resource Management
Energy, Waste, Water

A sustainable school maximizes operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts. The Sustainable Schools Initiative monitors and promotes efficient and optimized use of energy and water, the purchase of environmentally preferred products and food, waste stream management and ongoing indoor environmental quality.

Check out our Operations Guides below for more information on our district best practices to provide safe, healthy and comfortable learning environments for all students. 

Operations Guides Coming Soon


School Profiles
Coming Soon

Participating Schools

A.M. Winn Public Waldorf eK-8 School

A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center

Capital City School K-12

John D. Sloat Elementary School

John F. Kennedy High School

Kit Carson International Academy

Leataata Floyd Elementary School 

Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School

New Joseph Bonnheim Community Charter Elementary School

Sacramento New Technology High School

Washington Elementary School 

West Campus High School 


Educating our students to solve real-world challenges

Through the Sustainable School Initiative SCUSD has partnered with EcoRise to provide participating schools with access to academically-aligned K-12 curriculum that introduces students to environmental literacy, social innovation and hands-on design skills. EcoRise has over 17 years of national and international experience working with education programs and inspiring a new generation of green leaders.


Employee & Community Engagement
Professional Development, Workshops, Educational Opportunities

Establishing sustainability programs and behaviors in a school requires aligning organizational culture with a vision for sustainability. To successfully integrate sustainability as a core component of organizational culture, it must align with our District’s established mission, be supported by interdepartmental collaboration, and be communicated effectively to the community. The Sustainable Schools Initiative provides opportunities for all staff and community members to expand their knowledge and get involved in the efforts to make SCUSD a sustainable district for all students. 


Utility Data Dashboard
Coming Soon

Our cloud-based utility tracking software provides instant access to utility data and reporting to help your school develop a conservation plan of their own. Track your school performance, monitor greenhouse gas emissions and generate reports and graphs that are easy to share with your parents and community stakeholders.