Day-to-Day Substitutes
Thank you for your interest in substituting with the Sacramento City Unified School District.

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Certificated: Guest teachers or substitute teachers fill in for permanent teachers when they are absent from work.  Common reasons for absences are for illness and staff development.  Being a guest teacher is a challenging role and, in many ways, even more so than being a permanent teacher.  Guest teachers strive to support students in all aspects of teaching and learning. Teaching is one of the most rewarding and challenging vocations in life and can be unpredictable at times.  It is both exciting and humbling as at the heart of every teacher is the responsibility to facilitate learning and student achievement, each day.

If you are interested in being a guest teacher with Sacramento City Unified School District, please complete an on-line application on our district web site.

Classified: The need for Classified Substitutes in SCUSD varies from time to time. Applications are processed according to the needs of the district.  As the need arises, selected applicants will be invited, via email or phone, to an interview or to begin the pre-employment processing paperwork, required clearances, and attend a New Employee Orientation. Classified Substitutes work on call, as needed.  You are encouraged to bring three (3) recent letters of recommendation to an interview. Please be sure to continuously update your on-line application with Education, Experience, and References.  Position descriptions with minimum requirements are available on our district web site for you to review to see if you are qualified.

Contact the Testing Center at (916) 643-9050 to schedule any required testing, such as Clerical/Software Skills, NCLB, and Bilingual Assessment Testing.

We encourage qualified applicants to apply on-line for the following substitute jobs:

  • Clerical; Paraprofessional Aides in K-12, Children Center, and Special Education programs; Custodians; Campus Monitors.