Classified Professional Growth

All SCUSD classified employees are invited to participate. This professional growth program is designed to provide incentives for classified employees to enhance and/or update their performance and knowledge through continuing education. To strengthen themselves so we can support our district and community by being brilliant.

*SAVE THE DATES!  We look forward to sharing a wealth of knowledge with everyone.

To register for classes or review/print your transcript Log on to eSchools.                                 Enter Organizational ID# 14906. Then follow the instructions online to login.                                                                                                                

*Shared Reasons to Make Professional Development a Priority: Career Learning Opportunities; Keeping Up with Current Trends; It’s Fun; There’s Money In It; Growth; Leadership; Discovery; Expertise; Informative; Inspirational; Learning; Networking; Educational; Include on Resume or at Interviews; Support Staff, Students and Colleagues                                                                                

*Attendees interested in Professional Growth “salary credit” will be required to SIGN IN for attendance verification.

Review the Classified Professional Development Catalog for all the details!


Classified Professional Growth Form

PDFWord Document