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District Program

Independent Study

Capital City School (CCS) is a voluntary, K-12 independent study school characterized by its friendly, nurturing and safe environment.CCS serves approximately 900 students at a central facility and two satellite locations.CCS students typically meet individually with their teachers once a week or more to receive instruction and new assignments and to review and correct homework.  Students also might be assigned to a variety of additional classes/labs, depending upon their needs.Some of these assignments include California High School Exit Exam Math and English, Physical Education and Technology. Parents and guardians are always welcome to accompany students to their appointments. 

CCS offers all of the courses that meet the SCUSD requirements for a high school diploma. Because of the school’s efforts to meet the academic needs of all of students through a variety of instructional intervention and support strategies, it enjoys a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) six-year accreditation.

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