District GATE Advisory Council

District GATE Advisory Council (DGAC)


The DGAC advisory group is formed of representatives from school site based GATE Parent Advisory Councils (parents, teachers, and principals).  All GATE centers and sites should have a functioning PAC.

The DGAC makes recommendations regarding programs for gifted and talented identified students.  The purposes of the DGAC are to provide parents of gifted and talented students at all schools throughout the district opportunities to:

  1. Learn more about programs offered to their children/students.
  2. Serve as a communication link between central office personnel and school site parents, teachers & administrators.
  3. Share site reports from School Site Gate Parent Advisory Councils (PAC).
  4. Provide a forum for sharing suggestions and concerns related to the well-being of gifted, talented  & advanced learners in SCUSD.
  5. Serve as an advocate for gifted, talented & advanced learners in SCUSD, the community, and beyond.

2015-2016 District GATE Advisory Council Meeting Dates