Parent Education
@ A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center

Course A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center
Effective Parenting Techniques

Positive Discipline
Learn about the use of time-outs, logical consequences, and other strategies of effectively applying discipline.  Give your child choices and still maintain positive discipline and expectations.

Sibling Rivalry
Learn how to deal with the power struggles that exist between siblings.  Share your experiences with parents having similar conflicts between children.

What to Do with Anger
Learn how to help your child achieve the self-control needed to manage anger.  Parents will also learn some tips on how to control anger within the family unit.  Share with other parents having similar concerns.

Family Literacy
The ability to read has been proven to be the most important factor to contribute to a child’s success in school and life.  The class is for all parents whether they are English speakers, limited or non-English speaks or readers.  All parents, regardless of your own reading skills, can help your child be a better reader.

How Children Learn and What You Can do To Help Them
Learn how your child learns and what clues to look for at home, in the classroom, and in homework assignments.  Once you know how your child leans, you can help him/her to be more successful in school and life.

Parent Education Preschool

Parents, and those with a parenting role, and children join together for a child’s earliest school experience. Parent work in the classroom with children under the direction and supervision of the instructor in order to experience how young children learn and develop.

This class is designed to help the adult student gain and increase their knowledge and understanding of their child development. The parent or guardian participates one day per week in a preschool laboratory setting with other parents. Age appropriate activities are planned and demonstrated to help parents gain real-life skills and strategies for parenting children ages two through five. Parents are required to attend a minimum of one three hour lab day and one two-hour parent education class each week. Children may participate everyday.

There is a lab fee for the preschool component. Participation requirements and lab fees vary per site.

Preschool programs are offered at:


  • Caleb Greenwood Elementary
  • David Lubin
  • Edward Kelley School
  • New Joseph Bonnhein
  • O. W. Erlewine Elementary
  • Sutterville Elementary
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary

For Registration call 916-277-6625