Staying SEL Podcast

Staying SEL: Connected in Sac City Podcast


As we engage in distance learning through the COVID-19 school closures, how do we maintain our sense of connection, belonging, and community?

This podcast will aim to bring the voices of our Sac City family together in one place so we can better listen to each other’s stories, hear about how we’re coping with distance learning- including our challenges and successes, and our hopes for when we enter back into physical school space with each other.

Each episode will focus on a SEL core competency, engaging interviews, and tips for practicing SEL. The podcast is hosted by the SCUSD SEL Team.


Podcast Episode 1: Staying Connected with a Sac City Family
Staying SEL:Connected in Sac City Podcast

This week’s episode focuses on the voices of a student and parent in  Sac City and how they have been impacted during these times. We’re joined by 6th grade student Alex Grevious and his mother, Chioko,  who will share their perspectives on challenges and successes on distance learning and hopes for the future. This week’s episode will feature the SEL Competency of Self-Awareness and tips for how to practice Self-awareness during these challenging times.