Step Into Wellness Walking Campaign

Staff Lounge Posting

Grab your tennies, and join in the “Step Into Wellness” walking campaign. You can participate as an individual or challenge co-workers. 

How does it work? Track your walking time and date on tennie tracker (see instructions). Email Cathy Rasmusson, Wellness Coordinator,, if you have questions and/or would like to have tennie tracker sent to you. If you are interested in being a tennie challenge captain or challenge team member, please let Cathy know.

What do I do?  Put your initials and the date you walked in the squares on the sole of your tennie. Each square = 15 minutes. When all the squares in your tennie tracker are full, add your name, email, phone number and date. Send completed tennie tracker to Risk Management Department, Attn: Cathy Rasmusson.

What happens next? Your tennie(s) will be entered into a weekly district-wide prize drawing to win a “Step Into Wellness” tee shirt or workout towel. All tennies will be posted on the “Step Into Wellness” board at the Serna Center. Have fun and feel great!