Member Matters Newsletter

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Hello:  You can view the December 2013 issue of Member Matters, a monthly newsletter from MHN, our Employee Assistance Program provider at  To access the member section of the MHN website, use company code sia (lower case).  Don’t forget … all SIA Employees and their family members have access to a wide range of tools and resources that help balance work and life, improve health and wellness, and enhance emotional wellbeing through this program

EAPs assist with everyday situations, as well as more serious emotional issues. So when the stresses of daily life add up, call the EAP or log onto the members-only website. Common reasons to reach out to an EAP include:

•     Managing stress
•     Overcoming depression
•     Coping with grief and loss
•     Tackling alcohol and substance abuse
•     Addressing family and relationship issues
•     Solving legal problems and getting finances in order
•     Achieving a better work-life balance

You can visit the MHN EAP website at and register with the code “sia”, or call (800) 227-1060.