SES Walking Tour
@ School of Engineering and Sciences

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SES has school walking tours for families and students on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 am.  There is no need to book ahead, just come to the front office. We encourage families to visit our school website for more information. If families require assistance, please contact the school’s main office at (916) 395-5040 or contact Principal Vanessa Buitrago at

About the School

As an industry-themed school, the School of Engineering and Sciences has adopted a structure and instructional techniques that allow students to learn about and experience careers in the fields of engineering and science. Students have numerous opportunities to interact with professionals in a variety of scientific fields of study through career exploration and regional study tours. 

The School of Engineering and Sciences provides open access to a rigorous academic and technical course sequence in grades 7-12.  We insist on high levels of learning for all students with the ultimate goal of increasing the diversity of the science and engineering workforce living and working in Sacramento. All students at SES take an engineering course each year in addition to the standard academic core courses (ELA, Math, History, etc) in a small, career-themed school environment.  These engineering courses expose students to various types of engineering, help them develop marketable job skills, and serve as a platform for many of the school’s integrated unit projects.  Integrated unit projects are a particular form of project-based learning in which groups of students are asked to solve a real world problem using information and skills from their core courses, including engineering.  Students complete 4 integrated units each year ranging from science fair to green technology to EV cars. Students have the opportunity to participate in  many extra-curricular activities, such as competitive sports, FIRST robotics, and student government.