Teen Parent Program FAQs

Is child care offered at all high school sites? 

No, Only at American Legion Continuation High School and Hiram Johnson High School.

Does your program provide transportation? 

Yes, we provide bus stickers to students who are enrolled in the program and maintain good attendance at school.

How do I enroll in the Self Contained program? 

Go to the admissions office at Hiram Johnson High School with your guardian and tell the registrar you are expectant/parenting and want to enroll in the Self Contained class.  You will meet with a counselor to review your class schedule, then meet with the high school nurse and provide a pregnancy confirmation if expectant and the information of your child’s care giver if you are parenting.  If you need child care, you will meet with the staff in the infant/toddler child care building and enroll your child there.

What if I need child care but want to be in regular high school? 

You may enroll your child in the child care center and attend regular high school.  Remember to meet with the high school nurse to provide your child’s care giver’s information.

Can I just stay at home and do my school work? 

No.  You must be enrolled in school and develop a honest relationship with your teachers.  Should you need to be at home due to pregnancy complications or sick child, you will discuss your needs with each of your teachers to develop a plan for your academic work.  You can always ask the Cal Safe staff for assistance.

Who can I call for assistance?

Teen Parent Specialist

Susan Kerhoulas

Ms. Kerhoulas assists expectant/parenting students and their guardians with personal and academic needs, manages the American Legion and Hiram Johnson Family Education Center Infant Toddler Care Centers, the Early Head Start Home Base program, and is responsible to the management of the Early Head Start and Cal SAFE programs.

Parent Adviser

Rosa Gonzales

Ms. Gonzales provides parenting students with parent education, resources, assists with translations, and supports staff with their families.

Resource Teacher

Sandi Appleton

Ms. Appleton provides support to all child care classroom staff, assists with transitions into preschool, enrolls children into the child care centers, and supports staff with curriculum.

School Community Liaison

Sara Schoorl

Ms. Schoorl provides support to all parenting students at American Legion High School and Hiram Johnson High School with their Family Partnership Agreements.  She assists classroom staff with child observations and assists with transitions.

Expectant Teen SCL

Debbie Flores

Ms. Flores provides support to all expectant teens currently enrolled in school.  She provides monthly home visits and prenatal curriculum to enrolled students.


Elaine Yoshikawa and Pam Davis

Ms. Yoshikawa provides service to all expectant students in our district with obtaining a medical home and prenatal care.

Cal SAFE Resource Teacher

Theresa Bates

Ms. Bates provides service to all students enrolled in the Cal SAFE program in our district.  She assesses the needs of the students and makes appropriate referrals to supportive agencies.  In addition, she monitors all student attendance and academic progress.

Social Worker

Janet Love

Ms. Love provides confidential consultation and support to all expectant and parenting students in the Teen Parenting Programs.  She supports staff with their families and provides resources specific to their needs.