LEA ADHoc Workgroup Information

Under the LEA Program, California’s school districts and COE are reimbursed by the federal government for health services provided to Medi-Cal eligible students.  The report published by the United States GAO in April 2000 estimated that California ranked in the bottom quartile, with respect to the average claim per Medicaid-eligible child, of states with school-based programs.

To reduce the gap in per child recovery for Medicaid school-based reimbursements between California and the three states recovering the most per child from the federal government, SB 231 was signed into law in October 2001.

SB 231 requires the California Department of Health Care Services to amend California’s Medicaid state plan to accomplish various goals to enhance Medi-Cal services provided at school sites and access by students to those services.

Participants in the LEA Ad Hoc Workgroup represent large, medium, and small school districts, county offices of education, professional organizations representing LEA services, DHCS, and the State Department of Education.  Meetings are held every other month and provide a forum for LEAs to identify relevant issues and make recommendations to improve the LEA Program.