Graduation Policies

Graduation  Policies

The Board of Education has adopted the following graduation policies:

  1. A course designated as prerequisite to another must be taken in the prescribed order (exceptions may be granted by school administration through student demonstration of proficiency and career goals).
  2. Students are to be scheduled six periods each semester for at least their first seven semesters to complete the 225 credits required for graduation.
    Commencing with the graduating class of 1984, twelfth grade pupils in the last semester before graduation, shall be enrolled in at least five courses or a minimum of 180 minutes on campus combined with education programs and/or work experience programs equivalent to the approved high school course of study.
  3. Student access to all State and district mandated instruction is guaranteed by placing this content in required classes.
  4. High school principals are authorized to grant exceptions to specific requirements in cases where strict adherence would create unusual hardship (i.e., transfer students from out-of-state).

Promotion / Retention Policy

Effective September 1983, once a student is enrolled in a high school, promotion in grades nine through twelve is to be based upon credits earned toward meeting the graduation requirements.  Promotion from grade to grade is not announced routinely as in other segments of the district.  The number of total credits reported on the continuous guidance report indicates the grade level of the student as follows:

9th Grade – 0 – 44 credits 
10th Grade – 45 – 104 credits 
11th Grade – 105 – 164 credits 
12th Grade – 165 credits and above 

When it is apparent that a student cannot complete sufficient credit to graduate on schedule, the principal or designee will be responsible for notifying the parents/guardians in writing of the grade level retention.  This will be done at the end of each school year.  The parents/guardians of seniors deficient in credits at the end of the first semester for June graduation will be notified in writing by the principal or designee no later than March 1st.

Deadline for notifications to parents regarding notices of unsatisfactory course work and report cards are to be included in the annual Pupil Progress Reporting Calendar issued by the Pupil Services Department.

Policy for Special Education

A special education student who transfers to a regular program will receive credit for all courses taken and completed satisfactorily in special education which apply toward meeting promotion and/or graduation requirements.