Window Open for Teachers to Correct Attendance Back to September 3rd
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action RequiredDeadline: September 16, 2020 at 3pm

In an effort to provide additional support and time to our teachers responsible for entering daily participation in Infinite Campus, we will be opening the attendance entry window back to the first day of school as a one time courtesy. This will allow teachers to revisit any school date and update, correct or enter participation data for students. The window will be open Monday 9/14, Tuesday 9/15 and Wednesday 9/16. Please ensure ALL updates, corrections, or entries are completed no later than 3pm on Wednesday 9/16.

Please watch the attached videos for guidance or visit the New Toolkit full of updated information and resources:

Attendance staff CANNOT enter participation, it must be done by the teacher. If you need additional assistance please contact the Attendance and engagement office at 916-643-2121 or IT Support at

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we learn these new processes together!

Participation Based Attendance FAQs

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