Wild About Science – Zoo Program
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

The Sacramento Zoo is offering a classroom based 3-part experience for students. This experience includes NGSS aligned instruction including experimentation conducted during the Zoo visit and between visits with the classroom teacher. In addition, students receive a content-specific animal show at the school site that relates to the experiment conducted in class.

It is not often that one of our closest partners in education offers an extensive and intensive experience for our students and brings real-world science learning, conservation and environmental literacy to the classroom.

The flyer for the program is attached. Interested schools/principals and classrooms should reach out to the Sacramento Zoo directly. Here is the website detailing the program: https://www.saczoo.org/education/offsite-programs/wild-about-science-zoomobile-program/.

The fee is $600/classroom which includes all 3 visits and classroom resources.