Virtual African American Student Achievement & Excellence Awards
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Nominate a brilliant, resilient, and strong African American student to be honored at the virtual African American Student Achievement and Excellence Awards on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 from 10:00-11:00AM hosted by the African American Regional Educational Alliances (AAREA).

The African American Student Achievement and Excellence Awards (AASAE Awards) were created to encourage African American students and their families to strive and achieve. This annual event affirms the worth and dignity of African-American students, and acknowledges and recognizes the support of parents, family and community in the lives of African American children. The ceremony takes place on an online platform where family members, friends, superintendents, teachers and local political officials live stream together in attendance.

The theme for the AASAE Awards is “Building a Brilliant, Resilient, and Strong College-Going Community.” In addition to receiving awards for their achievements, students and parents are provided with resources and information on how to prepare for college.


Students in the following grade levels are eligible for nomination:

  • High school seniors graduating in June 2021
  • 8th grade middle school students who are transitioning to high school in Fall 2021
  • Elementary school (5th/6th grade) students who are transitioning to middle school in Fall 2021

This year, Sacramento City Unified School District have been given the opportunity to participate in the recognition ceremony with districts in the Greater Bay Area. 

To nominate a Sacramento City Unified student, select Sacramento City Unified under the Select School District field using this form:

Nominations are due by March 8th 2021.