Validation of Student Data Required for State Submission
High School

Principal Bulletin Action Required - December 8, 2017

The purpose of this communication is to notify you of an opportunity to review your school’s 2016-17 Graduate, Completer and Dropout counts prior to final submission to the state. Reviewing this information for accuracy helps ensure that SCUSD’s information is valid and correct to internal and external stakeholders.

This week, high school principals will be provided access to their school’s student list to review via Google sheets. Please look for an email communication with a link to your student list. The report contains a number of different data elements:

- Graduates who met or did not meet A-G requirements
- CTE Completer status
- Met Golden State Merit requirements
- Met Seal of Bi-literacy requirements
- Dropouts – along with Exit Reason a student is considered a dropout

For each area listed above, please review your list for accuracy. For the Dropout students, please ensure that the Exit status/code used is appropriate. For example: if a student re-enrolled in 2017-18 to continue his/her education, the Exit code of 360 should not be used. The code should be changed to T160 (if enrolled in a different school than in 2016-17), OR E155 (if continuing in same school). The Exit code of 360 results in a dropout. The CALPADS End Status Codes document will also be provided to clarify the definition of the available end statuses.

If corrections are made, note this information within the report. “Column Q: Updated in IC” and “Column R: Comments” were added to notify Technology Services of any changes made. Any revisions must be completed by Friday, December 8.

If schools have questions regarding A-G status, please contact Christina Espinosa, Director of Guidance and Counseling, at

For all other questions regarding this report, please contact Rhonda Rode, Director of Student and Data Systems, at