Universal GATE Screening Notification Letters
Elementary and K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required - December 22, 2017

GATE Screening will happen between January 16 and February 16 for all 1st and 3rd grade students across the district.

Letters notifying families about the testing window and the GATE screening process have been developed for distribution. Letters should be copied at the school site level and distributed to ALL 1st and 3rd grade families. This may happen during Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences. Families should receive notification letters by Friday, December 15, at the latest.

Opt Out Forms should only be available by request in the school office.

Opt Out Forms should NOT be copied on the back side of the Testing Notification Letter. Office staff, when distributing Opt Out Forms, should clarify with parents that they are waiving the opportunity to have their child screened for GATE services.

Original Opt Out Forms must be sent to the GATE Office, by Monday, January 8.

Please follow these links for the letters and form:

1st grade Notification Letters

3rd grade Notification Letters

Opt Out Forms – only distribute via School Office