Title I Funded Schools: Carryover Balances
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - January 30, 2018

For Title I Funded Schools:

Many of the Title I funded schools recently received Title I carryover funds from 2016-17. The carryover funds have been added to the 2017-18 Title I amounts on the “Allocation of Funds” page in the 2017-18 SPSAs in Document Tracking Services. The carryover amounts show as ‘balances’ and must be spent down on current or new actions and items, ideally by January 30, 2018 when the district submits the Consolidated Application to CDE.

If your school has Title I carryover, please check the SPSA balance and remember to add this item to the next School Site Council meeting agenda for discussion, allocation and approval. Place the results of the vote for the new allocations in the SSC minutes.

For questions, please contact Lisa Hayes at 643-9051 or Cathy Morrison at 643-9222.