Time Accounting for Federally Funded Employees
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - September 21, 2018

Federal law requires that all employees funded with federal grant funds provide verification of their time worked in the federal program. Documentation is required to ensure that the district is properly charging salaries and wages that are reasonable, necessary and allowable in accordance with applicable federal program requirements. The resource codes involved with federal programs reviewed by CDE and that require time accounting forms are 3000-5999, Title I Part A & D; Title II Part A, Title III LEP and 21st Century Grant.

Office managers receive annual training with information about who at the site must fill out forms and which forms must be used. The State & Federal Programs department provides training, assistance and reminders to office managers and employees who must complete Semi-annual Certifications and Personnel Activity Reports (PARs).

This activity will be closely reviewed by CDE during the Federal Program Monitoring review in October/November 2018, so please help to make sure your school is current with these forms if you are using federal funds for employee’s salaries.

Please see the attached information and link to the district webpage where the forms can be obtained.