Tearing Walls ApART Festival
High Schools

Principal Bulletin Informational

SCOE is excited about providing support for a fantastic opportunity to bring art education alive in our region.

After being abandoned for several years, The Mansion Inn at 16th and H Street will be torn down to make way for a new hotel. Before the walls come down, the community will be invited to an immersive visual/performing art exhibit and festival call Tearing Walls ApART.

The goal of Tearing Walls ApART is to engage the community in the revitalization of the historic building and give local high school students the opportunity to transform a room into a temporary art exhibit. All Sacramento County High School students who wish to participate are eligible. Online applications are being accepted until 6:00 p.m. on September 5. There is no cost to participate.

Attached to this email is an introductory letter, online application link, event FAQs and a flyer to help in encouraging your students to be a part of this exciting art event. For more information on this community event, you can also visit https://ww.tearingwallsapart.org.