State Takeover Fact Sheet
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required

Please make sure you review the attached flyer and familiarize yourself with it. Tomorrow, the District will be sending this flyer out to all employees and families via email. You can use the following talking points in fielding any questions about the flyer:

  • The district remains committed to being transparent and continuing to keep our community informed of our budget situation, as well as the near-term and potential long-term implications for our students.
  • Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports of staff members and community members saying that a takeover of the district would be good for the district and its students.
  • There are also many community members and people within our school system who are unaware that a takeover would result in less funding for our schools as well as other negative and undesirable impacts to our students.
  • The fact is a takeover would hurt our students most. The community needs to learn the facts about a takeover to establish an informed opinion on this matter.
  • The district is being proactive by posting the facts about a takeover’s impact on our schools so that our staff, families and community clearly understand the consequences of a takeover.