SPSA Allocations in DTS
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action RequiredDeadline: June 4, 2021


This is an important update regarding SPSA accounting within DTS. After recent reviews of the SPSAs specific to Title 1 and LCFF Supplemental and Concentration Grant funding, a significant number of sites were found to have inaccurate allocation totals on their budget summary page or Allocations by Funding Source page, resulting in planned expenditures that do not match the actual amount of funding your site is projected to receive. 

For Title 1, the accurate allocations can be found in the attached document: 

2021-22 Updated Entitlement for Title 1 (2021-22 No. BS-34, May 5, 2021). 

For LCFF Supplemental and Concentration Grant Funds (Low Income (0007) and English Learner (0009), the accurate allocations can be found in the attached document:

2021-22 Projected Site S&C Allocations (December 15, 2020) 

Please check your site’s allocations and total planned expenditures in DTS to confirm that they are accurate. If they are not, please make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that your total projected expenditures within each resource are equal to the accurate allocation. All rows within the ‘Allocations by Funding Source’ section should show a zero balance.

Attached are screenshots to provide examples.

Budget Page Example

If the adjustments you make are simple modifications of the budget within an existing action/strategy (e.g. reducing the amount of funds dedicated towards a specific strategy from $12,000 to $10,500), you can make the change without additional steps in the process. 

If the adjustments are more significant and will necessitate material changes to the plan, you may need to return to your School Site Council to share and reapprove.

Please do check in if you have questions about next steps or need support to resolve. 

Kelley Odipo, Ed.D. and Steven Fong
State and Federal Programs