Spring 2020 Virtual TB Clinic for SCUSD Employees (available through 5/15/2020)
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

To maintain social distancing in support of efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are moving our Spring TB Clinic for SCUSD Employees (previously scheduled for 4/20/2020) to a virtual format. If you would like to have one of our School Nurses call you to conduct a TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire Interview, please complete this Google form, which will be available through 5/15/2020: https://forms.gle/q5CZ7LSYLkJ5WQAq9

If it is determined that you do not possess any of the risk factors for TB, the School Nurse will send you a Clearance Certificate which will be good for 4 years.

To access the full TB Process as well as tips for requesting a TB clearance through your primary care provider, please see this TB Process document: https://www.scusd.edu/sites/main/files/file-attachments/tb_process_and_provider_tips_for_scusd_employees_0.pdf?1565726791