Special Education News Flash- Week of 9/25
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Special Education News Flash for Case Managers- Week of 9/25

  1. Please continue to refer to Case Manager Q&A in the Module 8 PL Folder. Please submit new questions not already answered to the Case Manager Distance Learning Question Form. New updates have been added to the submitted questions for this week.
  2. Please make sure to communicate with/loop in nurses (and applicable related services providers) on your records review triennial assessment plans.
  3. Translations of amendments have been uploaded to the Module 8 Folder. Please aim to complete amendments by mid October. Remember – if you are holding an annual, tri or overdue meeting before then, no need to hold a separate meeting- see Case Manager Q&A for details.
  4. Caseload Overages can be submitted using the Quicklinks in the SEIS document library. Contact doris-quan@scusd.edu for questions related to overage submission.
  5. Requests for the $200 classroom stipend in support of student IEP goals can be made via purchase and/or reimbursement link in SEIS document library under Quicklinks folder. Contact thuyvan-patrick@scusd.edu for questions related to purchase and reimbursement submission.
  6. Please do not duplicate SEIS dashboard change requests. Case managers reach out to jacque-adams@scusd.edu for questions related to SEIS change requests. SLPs and related service providers please reach out to christina-lindfeldt@scusd.edu for questions related to SEIS change requests. 
  7. Technical Support for SEIS: Please reference the help section in SEIS, and if you can’t find an answer, please reach out to SEIS Help Desk at seissupport@sjcoe.net for technical support with SEIS.
  8. Need to book a sub for an IEP meeting or Per-Diem for meetings held before/after school? Contact your school’s office manager. – Here is the memo for their quick-reference if needed. 
  9. New Teacher Trainings are now available: please sign up by reviewing the New Teacher Training Flyer and emailing linda-mangum@scusd.edu and courtney-coffin@scusd.edu to attend. You can also sign up using this form: New Teacher Professional Development Series. The trainings will also be recorded and posted in a folder accessible by all for asynchronous training opportunities. A link will be posted on Q&A once available.
  10. The Behavior Intervention Specialist website has been launched to assist with supporting positive student behavior in distance learning- make sure to check it out (must be logged into your SCUSD account to view) at https://sites.google.com/scusd.edu/bis/home
  11. The curriculum team has been posting materials to support distance learning. Additional ELA Curriculum and Assessment Resources (includes prepared Steps to Advance Materials for Distance Learning). Contact your site’s curriculum training specialist or curriculum coordinator for curriculum support.