September is Attendance Awareness Month
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Student attendance has always been a challenge in Sac City USD, and just as we were starting to see improvements after our Be HERE campaign and dedicated work on reducing chronic absence, COVID put our efforts to a halt. We will need to take a strategic, transformative, and long-term approach engaging students and families this year. To start this effort, SCUSD is recognizing September 2021 as Attendance Awareness Month! During this month we encourage our school communities to “Rebound with Attendance” by joining in our Attendance Awareness celebrations, informing families of the negative impacts of chronic absence, and recognizing good positive school attendance! 

This Attendance Awareness Month (AAM) toolkit is designed to help you plan your involvement and enlist stakeholders who can help get the message out. We encourage you to start planning now for activities starting in September. 

Principal Toolkit

In this toolkit you will find:

  • Family Attendance Awareness Month Letter template (including translations)
  • Monthly Messaging Templates: Just copy and paste for your site newsletters, marquees, bulletin boards, apps, or all calls home.
  • ·Social Media Guide: Keep your school websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube current! Just copy and paste! Use our messaging above or here! 
  • Planning Checklist and Calendar for August and September
  • Attendance Event and Incentive Ideas (we will keep adding)
  • Key Messages from Attendance Works
  • AAM 2021 Resolution (copy)
  • Attendance & Engagement Contact List