School Site Council Membership Roster are Due
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action RequiredDeadline: October 29, 2021

After your School Site Council (SSC) elections are complete please send the following information to by October 29, 2021: 

School Site Council Membership Roster (EC 64001), with the following information included:

  • Members’ first and last name
  • Each member’s role – i.e. principal, classroom teacher, other school staff, parent, community member or student
  • Contact information – email address and/or phone number
  • Please also update the SSC Membership page of your SPSA in DTS
  • SSC calendar of meetings for the school year
  • Please include the dates and times of your meetings for the entire school year.

In addition, after each SSC meeting, please email a copy of your meeting agenda, meeting minutes and sign-in sheets

Agenda and minute templates, election materials (also in Spanish) and SSC composition information can be found at