School Site Council Best Practices: First Meeting
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - October 31, 2017

The first School Site Council meeting is an opportunity to provide training if needed, hand out the current SPSA and other needed documents, schedule a calendar of meetings for the year, elect officers and establish meeting norms.

Yearly Calendar of Meetings: Scope out the required SSC activities for year (use the sample timeline) and considering school events, set a calendar for the year with dates and times through consensus. Some of the dates may need to change, but setting the calendar will ensure that you’ve planned enough meetings to complete SSC business.

Elect School Site Council Officers

CDE guidance recommends that in order to conduct business effectively, the SSC needs to include officers with stated responsibilities and authority, including:

  • A chairperson to organize, convene and lead meetings of the SSC
  • A vice chairperson to serve in the absence of the chairperson
  • A secretary to record actions taken at SSC meetings and keep SSC records
  • A parliamentarian to resolve questions of procedure, often with the help of Robert’s Rules of Order or similar guide
  • Other officers as necessary to perform stated duties in support of the work of the SCC

Composition Worksheets for elementary, middle and high School Site Councils are available on the School Site Council webpage at Just add the name of the office next to the member’s name.

Develop Meeting Norms

Consider taking some time to establish norms so that meetings are time-efficient and productive. Use Robert’s Rules of Order to keep the group focused on the agenda and fair in decision-making.

Please upload a Yearly Calendar of Meetings as well as the Composition Worksheet with School Site Council Members and Officers listed to the SSC Google Drive Folder.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Hayes at 643-9051 or Sean Alexander at 643-7897.