RydeFreeRT: Sticker Distribution Procedure
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required - October 1, 2019

The district has partnered with Sacramento Regional Transit and the City of Sacramento to launch RydeFreeRT, a program providing free access to SacRT bus and light rail vehicles all day, any day of the week, and all year. Access to the program is signified by a special sticker on a student ID, and distribution of the passes is already underway at our schools.

Technology Services is coordinating with school photo vendors (e.g., LifeTouch, Excel, etc.) to ensure that RydeFreeRT stickers are made available to students as soon as photo ID badges are generated. We understand that not all schools will receive student photo IDs before the program begins on October 1. If your school is scheduled to have student photos taken after the program launches, Technology Services will be in contact to coordinate an alternative solution for providing student access to RydeFreeRT.

SacRT has asked that we streamline communications to help with the efficient launch of this complex new program. SacRT will be directing any inquiries received from parents or students to schools. Please contact the Technology Services Department with questions pertaining to RydeFreeRT or the distribution of RydeFreeRT stickers.