Revisions to Return to Health & SCPH COVID-19 Symptom & Quarantine Decision Forest for K-12 Schools
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Health Services hosts “Office Hours” every Wednesday from 4-5pm
Meeting ID: 260 880 1496
Passcode: 2fbSpL

This is a time for site leaders to learn and inquire about any of the following:

  • Health Aides
  • COVID Testing (current status and moving into mandate)
  • Contact Tracing (review resources & process map)
  • Vaccine availability (clinic @ Serna today from 5-7pm)
  • Return to Health questions 

Updates to the Return to Health Plan:

  • Guidance for dealing with cold weather and/or poor air quality and ventilation
  • Guidance for cold/rainy weather and mealtime
  • Indoor requirements for band/music
  • Updates to SCPH Decision Forest (Appendix F)

Updates to the SCPH COVID-19 Symptom & Quarantine Decision Forest for K-12 Schools:

  1. Staff and students who are vaccinated can return to work/school even if a household exposure. Vaccination once again exempts individuals from quarantine regardless of exposure details.
  2. Household exposures of unvaccinated staff or students now has a longer quarantine of 14 days and requires a PCR test on or after day 10 to return. If the individual does not want to test the quarantine is longer, at minimum 21 days.
  3. Staff and students on home quarantine can return early if they test on or after day 5 can return on day 8 instead of day 11. They need to show that test to the office, the health aide or the contact tracer.
  4. If an exposed person/close contact develops symptoms they must get a PCR test to return or stay home another 10 days from symptom onset.
  5. If a person who has had COVID-19 within 90 days gets symptoms they should get antigen test (not PCR). The old guidelines said do not test.
  6. Modified Quarantine for exposed students that stay in school must test twice instead of twice weekly. Once as soon as possible and once on or after day 5.

Contact Tracing Procedures