Procedures for Responding to COVID-19
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

How to respond when individuals are sick, exposed to COVID-19, or diagnosed with COVID-19? 

The attached Procedures for Responding to COVID-19 – Appendix X from the Return to Health plan outline all the steps school administrators must follow in responding to communicable disease concerns. We strongly advise you carefully read and print out these procedures. When a concern is identified, reach out to the identified Health Services staff immediately via text/call/email. 

These protocols help the district quickly identify communicable diseases, prevent the spread within the SCUSD community, and reduce potential harm. The district response depends on the type and amount of disease. and upon direction from Sacramento County Public Health (SCPH). During the COVID-19 pandemic, the district is following enhanced preventative measures and heightened surveillance directed by state and county health departments. Protocols and procedures may change depending on the public health situation.

Procedures for Responding to COVID-19 in SCUSD Community -Appendix X

Health Screening and Stay Home Sick Guidelines

All SCUSD staff must follow the public health order and stay home sick if they are experiencing symptoms. If staff are reporting symptoms they must be sent home or told to stay home and may not return to work until these guidelines are met (see Stay Home & Return Requirements – Appendix B from the Return to Health plan).

10 days since symptoms began AND symptoms have improved AND at least 24 hours with no fever (without taking medicine) OR a doctor has provided a note releasing the employee back to work.

Stay at Home and Return to School Requirements - Appendix B

FREE Voluntary Surveillance COVID-19 Testing

Sacramento County Public Health (SCPH) recently expanded COVID-19 testing capacity and is now offering FREE Voluntary Surveillance COVID-19 Testing for School/District Employees who are physically reporting to work and interacting with the public. This free voluntary testing is widely available so staff can routinely and regularly test themselves – staff do not have to experience symptoms to be tested. 

Please review the SCPH COVID-19 Testing flyer and FAQs for further details. We urge our staff to take advantage of this free and voluntary public health service. Surveillance testing, combined with the consistent use of face masks, physical distancing, health screenings, hand hygiene and cough/sneeze hygiene helps us stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community – while continuing to serve and support our students and families. 

COVID-19 Testing for School Staff, Locations & FAQs

Please reach out to Student Support & Health Services Director, Victoria Flores or Lead School Nurse, Paula Kuhlman if you have any additional questions or concerns.