Procedure for Requesting Data and Research
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

The Technology Services Department is responsible for reviewing and facilitating internal and external data and research requests. Please use the following protocol to ensure that your requests are addressed in the most expedient manner possible.

Data Requests

All data requests must be completed by emailing Please include the specifics of the data being requested including the purpose for the request, who the requestor is, the timeframe for the data (e.g. school years), and any other pertinent information that would be helpful in ensuring that the request is clear and concise. Upon receipt of the request, Technology Services will contact the requestor to verify details, clarify any questions and establish the time frame for completing the request.

Research Requests

All research requests must be reviewed and approved by the district before any research may take place.

External research requests must be completed by submitting a research request packet to Technology Services through US or intra-district mail. The research request packet can be found on the Technology Services page on the district website or by clicking this link.

Please contact or with any questions or feedback regarding the above.