Official Release of the California School Dashboard
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

An update of the state’s accountability system:

After months of field testing and input from Californians, the California School Dashboard (Dashboard) officially launched on December 7.

The Dashboard is a key part of California’s shift to a Continuous Improvement approach that encourages district and school leaders and their local communities to use data across a number of measures to identify specific challenges, then plan and work together to address them using innovative, evidence-based strategies. District and school performance is no longer measured by a single number.

Every school and district will receive a Dashboard. Charter schools are considered separate Local Education Agencies; their data is not reflected in the district’s data. The Dashboard and System of Support are the latest in a series of major, positive changes that are transforming our public education system by raising the bar for learning for all students, empowering local communities, targeting funding based on student needs, and improving transparency in how we measure progress in support of continuous improvement.

Access the California School Dashboard at The Principals Toolkit has many resources, including a Guide to the Dashboard in many translations.

If you would like to schedule a hands-on workshop for your School Site Council or other parent group, please contact Cathy Morrison.