New Infinite Campus Procedure
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Effective school year 2016-2017, SCUSD began implementing a new procedure to support and accommodate our district’s transgender and gender variant student population.

The SCUSD Infinite Campus Name and Gender Update Form has been piloted this year throughout the school district. This procedural change gives transgender and gender variant students the opportunity to update their names and/or gender marker in Infinite Campus (IC). These changes can be made upon the request of the student or the student’s parent/legal guardian, and do not require a legal name/gender change. These changes will allow the student’s name and gender marker to align with the student’s gender identity.

These changes made in Infinite Campus do not delete the student’s legal name and gender. Instead, a new file is added to the original student profile which contains the student’s chosen name and gender marker. The two files in Infinite Campus are linked. Once this change has been made in IC, if you were to search for a student under their legal name, you will see that the chosen name will come up instead. You may also see on the screen, “Modified by Nichole Wofford.” Nichole Wofford, Manager of the district’s LGBTQ Support Services Program, has been trained by Infinite Campus management to update these student’s names and gender markers in our student information system. All information related to the student’s record under the legal name and gender will remain the same, including the student’s identification number.

According to Beemyn (2005), “being able to alter their records and documents, …is personally and legally important for many trans students. Not only does having the appropriate name and gender listed reflect and validate their identity, but it can also protect trans students from constantly having to explain why they use a name different from their birth name and why their appearance does not match a photo or gender designation on an identification card. Moreover, updated records and documents can ensure that trans students will not be outed… (Schools) can most easily address this issue by establishing a simple procedure for trans students to change the name and/or gender designation on all of their campus records, including identification cards, listings in electronic and print directories, and files in admissions…”

For additional information about transgender and gender variant students, there are two links below which contain: 1) Guidance for schools to help ensure transgender student’s civil rights and 2) Examples of policies and emerging practices for supporting transgender students in schools.

Here is the link summarizing the 2016 guidance from OCR regarding transgender rights, etc. -

Here is the second link which will take you to a document which outlines Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices for Supporting Transgender Students –

If you have any questions regarding this procedural change, please feel free to reach out to Nichole Wofford at the Connect Center at (916) 643-2354 or If you have any trans-identified or gender variant students on your campuses who would like to update their name and gender marker in Infinite Campus, please complete a Connect Center Referral Form (see attached), and we will reach out to the student right away to have them complete the required documentation. Connect Center staff members are also available to come to your school to provide Safe Zone Training. This 90 -minute training offers practical information on LGBTQ students’ needs and concerns and how you can help make your school site a “Safe Zone” for all students.

Thank you very much! Please share this information with your staff and please contact me if you have any questions regarding this procedural change.