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My name is Christina Prairie Chicken Narvaez, and I manage the SCUSD American Indian Education Program (AIEP).  November 1st was the beginning of Native American Heritage Month!  Throughout the year AIEP  provides tutoring, cultural programs, back to school events, college preparatory programs and graduation recognitions for American Indian students enrolled in the program.  AIEP would like to provide some resources that can be used throughout the year, but more specifically, for the month of November.  Throughout the month there are often misconceptions of the Thanksgiving holiday and misrepresentations of Native American people that are hurtful to Native American students and their families–most often a portrayal of Native peoples as wild and uncivilized, while portraying those of European origins as civilized, godly and saviors of Native peoples. The perpetuation of these misconceptions is more than just offensive or politically incorrect, but is severely detrimental to the growth and self-esteem of Native American children.  Learning accurate history is a benefit to all children and it is our hope that these resources can offer some guidance and assistance if you have any questions.

The attachments include: a Dos and Don’ts sheet, a list of some resources for Native American Heritage Month, and “A brief history of Native Persons in Sacramento” a section from the Native American Youth Mental Wellness Report  which was written by the Sacramento Circles of Care Project Team at the Sacramento Native American Health Center.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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Christina P.C. Narvaez, Program Associate
Youth Development Support Services
(916) 643-9364
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Sacramento, CA 95824

Native American Heritage Month Resources

Dos and Don'ts

Native Persons in Sacramento: Brief History