Lightspeed Relay System Safety Alerts
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action RequiredDeadline: November 20, 2020

Reminder to all administrators that our district’s security software program, Lightspeed Relay Systems has an internet filtering system that provides real time alerts for student safety concerns. This filter system is connected to the student’s district log-in, not just a district issued device. 

In the next few weeks, Lightspeed will be sending these alerts directly to each site administrator as well as SSHS staff. Currently, our Student Support & Health Services – Mental Health Crisis Team Leads (Victoria Flores, Jacqueline Rodriguez, & Daniel Cisneros) are the designated as the point of contact for each safety alert across the district and are forwarding these alerts to each school site as the alerts come in. 

The role of site administrators will continue to be the same- to ensure that a staff member is identified to conduct a suicide risk assessment by the end of the school day. It is critical that the school site administrator and assigned support staff lead the outreach. The initial contact should be made by school site level staff trained in suicide risk assessments, such as School Counselors, School Nurses, School Psychologists, School Social Workers or other trained staff. After the assessment has been completed, the site administrator or responding staff member needs to notify the Mental Health Crisis team leads regarding completion.

If the Relay Safety Alert comes in after the work day (4:00 PM or later), if possible the administrator needs to contact the family to check in on the student and provide resources. These key resources include: 
Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic, (916) 520-2460; 2130 Stockton Boulevard, 

The Source 916-787-7678 SUPPORT). The next day working day ensure the appropriate staff member follow up with the student to conduct a suicide risk assessment per district procedures. Please review attached Suicide Risk Assessment Procedures & MHUCC flyer.

Suicide Risk Assessment Procedures

MHUCC Handout

The Source Flyer