Library Media Tech Professional Development
Elementary and K-8 Schools

Principal Bulletin Action Required

All schools that currently have a Library Media Tech (LMT), will be asked to release LMTs for a 2-hour, monthly meeting where they will be engaging in best practices to help complement and support your current literacy program.

The presence of a Library Media Tech (LMT) at your school is an opportunity to increase student achievement and promote a school culture of reading and life-long learning. In order to support the library programming at your site, the district is offering collaborative professional development sessions for LMTs.

This translates into learning opportunities for LMTs to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the Model California Library Standards, as well as curricular units of study, such as Pam Allyn, NGSS (Science standards), California Social Studies units, etc.
  • Select and read books aloud to classes to promote and encourage an interest in reading for pleasure as well as for understanding, while also developing students’ knowledge of different perspectives, genres (Narratives, Historical Fiction, Poetry, et al).
  • Assist students in the use of the computer catalog; assist individuals and groups of students in the use of basic reference sources in finding and selecting materials.
  • Develop and oversee reading programs designed to stimulate student interest, ability and motivation in reading, including story time, book talks or reading clubs.
  • Model effective strategies for developing multiple literacies.
  • Help students build on prior knowledge and construct new knowledge.
  • Assist students in developing effective and ethical research and study skills that they need to become college and career ready.
  • Provide access and opportunity for all our members of our diverse learning communities including such groups as Special Education Students and English Language Learners.
  • Assist schools with extracurricular reading programs and familiarize students with reading techniques promoted in these programs for example: Accelerated Reader, Scholastic Reading Counts and Lexile Levels.