LCAP PAC School Site Outreach Notification
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational


We are excited to share with you the Local Control and Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee’s (LCAP PAC’s) plans for increasing their level of individual and collective outreach to school sites during 2021-22 and moving forward!

The LCAP PAC plays an important advisory role within the district, providing input and recommendations to the Superintendent and Board to inform the development of the district’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). An important part of their process is deepening their understanding of the district’s current context. This includes understanding the needs that exist for students, staff, and families at the school site level. 

In the coming year, PAC members hope to attend more meetings/events at school sites within their areas and across the district to increase the breadth and depth of their knowledge base. This might include attending SSC, ELAC, and PTA/PTO meetings as well as smaller ‘coffee’ or informal opportunities to listen and learn. The primary purpose of their attendance is to do just that – listen and learn. Across all of their opportunities to visit school site activities/meetings, they will be synthesizing districtwide findings to inform their overall recommendations and input. The emphasis on the districtwide nature of this work is important. While this process may certainly provide opportunities to highlight examples of amazing work happening at individual school sites, the PAC members’ shared purpose is to bring back a collective body of information to support their whole-district discussions and efforts.

With so many schools and only 16 PAC members, it is likely that some sites may not hear from their respective PAC member until later in the spring or even next year. This notification is an advance notice so you are aware of the purpose of any future PAC member contact.Please let me know if you have any specific questions. We appreciate your partnership with our LCAP PAC members in their work to improve outcomes for students across the district. 

Thank you!