Keep Students Indoors Until Further Notice
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Action Required

Dear Principals & Staff,

The recent wildfires have caused air quality in the Sacramento region to reach unhealthy levels. While our schools will remain open, all students should be kept indoors during recess and lunch breaks until further notice. Activities such as athletics games, physical education and outdoor field trips will be cancelled until air quality reaches healthier levels. Please click here to read the district’s full release.

Air quality will be monitored closely by the district until air quality levels return to normal. If there are students on your campus with a respiratory condition, please make sure they keep their medication close by at all times.

If you happen to encounter parents who are questioning why our schools are open, please use the following talking points to diffuse the situation:

  • The health and safety of our students is extremely important to us which is why our school district has been monitoring air quality hourly and is also consulting with air quality and public health professionals.
  • Sac City Unified received professional guidance from the Sac Metro Air District and Sacramento County Public Health Officer when making the decision to keep schools open but limit outdoor activity (see the attached statement from Sac Metro Air District and Sac County Public Health Officer outlining this guidance).
  • To the best of our knowledge, all other K-12 schools in Sacramento County are also open today and like us, are following the guidance provided by the Sacramento County Public Health Officer and Sac Metro Air District.
  • If air quality worsens or there are any changes to our plans, you will be notified immediately.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your concern and hope that air quality improves in the coming days so we can resume normal outdoor activities.