Intra/Inter Permit INFO
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Good Afternoon Office Managers and Administrators,

We recently closed the acceptance window for permits on May 3, 2021. We are currently processing over 750 permits that came in. This year we encouraged our community to submit their requests electronically which in turn supported the way in which we will be sending the permits to you for your review.

On Friday May 14, 2021 I will again email this group with detailed instructions on how to obtain and approve your permits for Monday May 17, 2021. In short, names will be listed on an Excel sheet along with their attached digital applications that show the actual permit and required attachments. You will simply return the excel sheet back to me with accepted and or denied by each student’s name. We will take care of the rest!

You will start to receive these emailed files from my permit technician Ka Kue on Monday May 17, 2021.

Again look for my email with detailed instructions this Friday.